Tuesday, February 5, 2013


‘I too deserve Justice” says Sohan Roy, the director of DAM999, at Jaipur International Film Festival. He was commenting about the lifting of the possible ban exerted on ‘Vishwaroopa’ by Tamil Nadu government.
“I am happy for Kamal that he may see a possible light for his movie “Vishwaroopa” in Tamil Nadu, in fact he should see it through. But why only am I sidelined .Why my movie DAM999 which is struggling for the last 2 years to get released is still being ignored by the same government?
Tamil Nadu government had banned the release of DAM999 in Tamil Nadu in fear of causing political unrest in the state. The entire controversy was deeply rooted in the political tug of war between the State of Tamilnadu and Kerala over the Mullapperiyar dam.
‘Vishwaroopa’ was banned because of the protest raised by the Muslim community against certain provocative religious contents in the film. DAM999 has raised a social issue into the mainstream which is only concerned about the safety threats associated with age old dams. The viewer community who had watched the Malayalam and English version of DAM 999 are of the opinion that there is no such scene which could have caused issues between the states .The director is upset with the fact that the Govt was reluctant to even watch the movie screening in spite of many requests by the producers of the movie who are from Kerala.
‘I have got great respect for Kamal Hassan. He is a great actor and filmmaker. I too pray for him. But don’t you think I am also a human and I too deserve justice. I have lost crores of money by not getting a release. At least let me get some justice.”
Released on 25th November 2011, DAM999, a tribute to the 1975 Banqiao Dam disaster in China which claimed 250,000 innocent lives, was banned in the state of Tamil Nadu on unruly grounds.
The movie gained 5 Oscar selections in 3 categories (Original Score, Original Songs and Best Picture), won 2 Global Music Awards (GMA) and was well appreciated at various film festivals across the world including the ongoing Jaipur film festival where it was screened to a packed audience. The latest international recognition came when Sohan Roy was awarded “Star Award for achievement in film industry of Asia” at the International Film Festival Antigua Barbuda. DAM999 made history as the first ever Indian Movie to be selected for screening at Golden Rooster film festival popularly known as the ‘Chinese Oscars’. Out of 25 films from 18 countries competing for Golden Rooster Awards this year, DAM999 was honored to represent India at the film festival.

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