Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Myriad colours dot Amisha Mehta's show

Colour therapist-artist Amisha Mehta's vibrancy of works lit up the Bombay store as celebrities braved the evening traffic to get to town to be part of the opening. With candles lighting up a red sky, blue, green, red, purple, white circles shining brightly, not just smiled from the canvas, but also from trays, table tops, cups, saucers and teapots among others.
Said Amisha, :"The choice of colours reflect a person's personality. and he gets drawn to his colour by himself. Colours help you evolve, grow and be at peace. Colours resolve conflicts, problems... I have tried to integrate colours in our everyday life through these simple yet effective range of products."
Urvashi Sharma went in for a painting in all its myriad hues, while Sucheta Sharma chose maroon. Meera and Hrishitaa Bhatt picked up blue, while Mudasir Ali chose green, Asim Dalal and Aditi Dalal chose purple, each taking time to ask the artists what that signified about them. Mudasir Ali's soothing sufi vocals added to the already ethereal ambience.
As the place sparkled with laughter from those who came to be part o the exhibition, Amisha Mehta's homecooked idlis that vied for space with piping hot samosas and diet coke and chai, had many takers.  
EVENT: Inauguration of Amisha Mehta's art show titled Colour Dance.
CELEBS: Actors Hrishitaa Bhatt, Urvashi Sharma and Pakistani actress Meera, model Sucheta Sharma and Sufi singer Mudasir Ali, Aditi Dalal and Asim Dalal of The Bombay Store.
VENUE: The Bombay Store, Fort.

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