Thursday, February 28, 2013


San Francisco & Mumbai Electronica Duo, Janaka & Shri's debut album to be available across digital platforms by the end of March 2013  
 Sony Music/Folktronic is all set to launch the much awaited debut album of the cross-continental electronica duo - Gods Robots.
US-based, veteran DJ / producer Janaka Atugoda & Mumbai's Carnatic trained vocalist Shridevi Keshavan’s album is set to create ripples amongst music lovers. The album consists of 12 original tracks – 9 & 3 bonus tracks that are characterized by cross-cultural melodies, sound sculpting, leftfield lyrics, and uplifting edge.
Thrilled, Janaka & Shri said, “We’re really excited to be releasing the album with Sony Music / Folktronic. This project is our dream state coming to life and the album’s the result of an incredible and creatively nourishing 3 year journey. We met and started working together via the net while meeting in ‘real-time’ 6 months later. It's been a surreal experience, which comes through in the music. Soon after, the music portal Bit Torrent backed us by showcasing 4 tracks & a music video. The music seems to resonate with people, they like what we have to say (which was humbling) and we today we find ourselves with a global fan base.”
Recorded in San Francisco, Mumbai and Delhi, the album features sarod virtuoso Alam Khan (son of legendary Ustad Ali Akbar Khan), flautist Mike Pipes and sarangi master Suhail Yusuf Khan.
The Gods Robots sound is defined by their unique blend of English lyrics juxtaposed with Shri’s ethereal voice and mesmerizing Carnatic alaaps - her vocal style is marked by a unique soulful dub inflected swing.
Janaka moves the tracks seamlessly between trip-hop, hints of ska, soulful melodies, beautiful Indian instrumentation, and elements of rock-like beats that take you from serene grooves to dance beats in one easy flow. Their seamless style is also characterized by underground bass rhythms and a pop-esque edge.
Each track tells a story. Their songs play with the increasing presence of technology in contemporary life while drawing from the wellspring of tradition and simultaneously transgressing boundaries, crossing continents. The lyrics evoke themes of longing, war, hope, love and humility; turning dreams into reality against the odds, connected by an overall sense of optimism. Far from a brooding space, these evocations are full of spirit and energy; the overall effect is emotive and beautifully uplifting.
Gods Robots high praises in the past:
"...fuses radically different musical traditions, all of which come together like a post-Millenial Portishead album" MTV IGGY
“…the band to watch out for” BBC Radio One
"Gods Robots cutting edge sound...have defined an earworm-inducing sound" MTV Desi
This album will be released by Folktronic (Sony Music Independent) on digital platforms worldwide by the end of March 2013. Additionally, a limited number of physical copies (which include the 3 bonus tracks) will be available exclusively in India from April 2013 onwards.

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