Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Anand Kumar: Zila Ghaziabad Is Commercial Yet Realistic

So while there are filmmakers who either remain arty or go completely commercial there’s a filmmaker
who’s bridging the two. Yes, that’s Anand Kumar who is bracing up to see his realism meets masala cop
drama Zila Ghaziabad making it to the ticket windows this week.
It isn’t generally easy for a filmmaker to rope in known stars in a film and still manage to stick to his
guns. We often hear of filmmakers altering their scripts to suit the actors’ needs. However, Anand isn’t
the sorts to lose his vision. In fact, the filmmaker succeeded in bringing the likes of Arshad Warsi, Sanjay
Dutt, Vivek Oberoi and Paresh Rawal all under one roof that too while giving them roles that completely
redefine them.
“Arshad Warsi’s character is one to watch out for. He is definitely going to be the new age Gabbar,” says
Anand excitedly talking about Zila Ghaziabad which hits the theaters this Friday.
But was it easy for him to convince all of them and bring them together under one roof? “Arshad Warsi
played a key role in helping me bring others on board. I am good friends with his secretary and had
narrated Arshad’s character that I envisioned to him. He instantly got me in touch with Arshad who in
turn lapped up the idea of playing a super baddie onscreen. He is the one who suggested me to rope in
Vivek Oberoi and also Sanjay Dutt happens to be his friend so approaching him to play the cop also got
Cop drama isn’t a new phenomenon to hit Bollywood for there have been many superstars who’ve
played cops on screen before. However, ask Anand about this and he instantly negates, “Zilla Ghaziabad
isn’t a mindless over the top commercial film. It is realistically rooted and bridges the gap between art
and commercialism. You can see it’s a mix between Omkara and Dabangg!”
Well, we hope the filmmaker truly attains in what he has set out to achieve!

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