Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Starcast of the film ‘Sare Jahaan Se Mehnga’ war against Price Rise!!

Star cast of film ``Saare Jahaan Se Mehnga`` Sanjay Mishra, Ranjan Chabbra, Pragati Pandey and Disha Pandey were on hunger strike against price rise at the Jantar Mantar in New Delhi.
The dharna was to express unity with the middle class over possible increases in prices in the upcoming budget.
According to the director Anshul Sharma, the idea to make a film on the subject struck producer Ashok Pandey when the price of onions shot up in 2011. “Increase in the prices of onions, which is a staple diet for the large middle class population, had a cascading affect on the budgets of various households. The common man has been hit by the high rate of food inflation.”
Actor Sanjay said: “The tax-paying middle class is already overburdened. It is high time they got some relief in the Budget,” says Sanjay.
The story is a hilarious and satirical take on Mehngai (inflation) through a middle class family from a small North Indian City. The family, crushed under the burden of Mehngai. They try to deal with it through an ingenious idea, not realizing the problems they would get tangled into as a result of this idea. It is a hilarious journey of this family battling these issues.
The film releases on 8th March.

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